We've provided a list of Funeral Directors and Memorial Masons who are permitted to work in cemeteries controlled by us. They are members of our 'Approved Contractor' scheme and as such have shown that they work to the highest professional standards and have the skills, experience and insurance needed to provide a service of the highest quality.

No other professional contractors are allowed to work in the cemeteries that we run. If you are a contractor and looking to join our scheme please Contact us.

If you have a complaint about any of the companies or individuals we have listed, we ask that you supply us with copies of any correspondence and of the outcome of any dispute. In extreme cases we may withdraw 'Approved Contractor' status.

The inclusion of any company we've listed should not be seen as representing any statement by Mid Devon District Council to the effect that the company is any better or worse than companies who have not applied to join the scheme.

These lists will be updated occasionally and you should check that you have the most recent details before engaging a contractor.

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