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Preserving and enhancing the historic environment -

This includes listed buildings, conservation areas, traditional structures and through good new development.

Conservation areas

Areas, often historic cores of towns and villages, with a special character or quality to be preserved or enhanced; additional planning controls apply

Listed buildings

Buildings of special architectural or historic interest, which are worthy of conservation for the benefit of all are protected through planning legislation

Conservation Services

Contact details for the Conservation Team

Local Heritage Assets Register

Heritage assets that are considered to be locally important and worthy of recognition in relevant planning decisions

Confirmation of Revised Controls for Works to dwellings in Cullompton Conservation Area

From 17 December 2015 different controls over alterations to dwellings in Cullompton conservation area came into force (Article 4 (1) Direction with immediate effect).

Design Guidance

View our design guides - Windows and Doors & Roofs and Chimneys

Enhancement schemes

Schemes aimed at improving the quality of the environment for local residents in the three main towns of Tiverton, Crediton and Cullompton

Historic Environment Record

Devon County Council Historic Environment Record hold a vast array of information about all aspects of the historic environment in Devon.

Registered Parks and Gardens

Compiled by Historic England and identifies special designed landscapes of particular historic importance - the emphasis is on gardens, grounds and other planned open spaces, such as town squares


Devon County Council provides advice on archaeological issues for the District Council, developers and members of the public

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Advice: buying an old building