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An initial consultation on the scope of the new Local Plan was held July-August 2013. This invited people to put forward ideas and aspirations for how the district should develop over the coming years. The Council prepared a scoping report that summarises the various issues and discusses some options for development such as housing and employment.

The scoping report can be downloaded below. The Council also prepared a Sustainability Appraisal scoping report and welcomed comments on this.

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· Local Plan Review scoping report

· Sustainability Appraisal scoping report

Responses to the initial consultation

The deadline for consultation responses to the initial consultation was 19th August 2013.

Summary of responses

The Council received the following responses to the consultation:

Rep 1 Sport England Rep 2 Resident Uplowman Road Rep 3 Hittisleigh Parish Council Rep 4 Persimmon Homes Rep 5 Devon County Council
Rep 6 Devonshire Homes Rep 7 Bampton Town Council Rep 8 CPRE Rep 9 Anne Roxbee Cox Rep 10 Natural England
Rep 11 Bampton Society Rep 12 National Trust Rep 13 Teignbridge District Council Rep 14 Highways Agency Rep 15 Cullompton Town Council
Rep 16 Somerset County Council Rep 17 Theatres Trust Rep 18 Bickleigh Parish Council Rep 19 Newton St Cyres Parish Council Rep 20 Ann Guilfoyle
Rep 21 Willand Parish Council Rep 22 Halberton Parish Council

Rep 23 RABI

Rep 24 Crediton Town Council Rep 25 M J Kirby
Rep 26 English Heritage Rep 27 Environment Agency Rep 28 Bradninch Town Council Rep 29 Mr A Wren Rep 30 Irene Chapman
Rep 31 R K Treeby Rep 32 West Manley Lane Conservation Group Rep 33 Mr D J Park Rep 34 Patricia Fenelon Rep 35 Mr Dennis Cook
Rep 36 G Ford Rep 37 Peter Green Rep 38 D & P Collier Rep 39 Dr R W Whittlesey Rep 40 Mrs P Whittlesey
Rep 41 Graham Keene Rep 42 C Steele Rep 43 Robert George Rep 44 Philip Kerr Rep 45 Dennis Bellamy
Rep 46 Michael Elliott Rep 47 Mrs M Elliott Rep 48 Michael Ford Rep 49 Mr & Mrs Borland Rep 50 Eric Cole
Rep 51 C Rutley- Frayne Rep 52 Friends Life Ltd Rep 53 PM Asset Management Rep 54 Mr Christain and Mr Force Rep 55 Wendy Lunel
Rep 56 The Turner Family Rep 57 Price Waterhouse Cooper Rep 58 Mr Gerald Chidwick Rep 60 M J Gleeson  

Rep 61 Area of Development Plan 1

Rep 61 Masterplan

Rep 61 Messrs Cole Cottrell & Persey

Rep 62 M & J Watling Rep 63 Summerfield Developments SW Ltd
Rep 64 Taylor Wimpey Rep 65 Francis P J Stoner Rep 66 John Quick Rep 67 Sandra Williamson

Rep 68 Helena Webber

Rep 69 Mrs Pat Webber

Rep 70 James Gibbs Creedy Bridge

In addition to consultation during July-August, the Council approached it's Citizen's Panel to ask about preferred priorities for planning strategy. The following spreadsheet summarises the response:

Citizen's Panel response

Options consultation

A second stage of consultation on the new Local Plan was held between 24 January and 24 March. The Council received over 1000 responses to the consultation and these are now available online by using the search facility below. A summary of the representations is available below:

Local Plan Review Options Consultation - Summary of Representations

Following the Options Consultation which concluded on the 24th March 2014, the Council has been considering which sites are most appropriate. A report was taken to Cabinet on the 4th September 2014 on the progress of the Local Plan Review.

The Local Plan is expected to be taken to Cabinet in November with the aim to consult on the final version of the Local Plan review in early 2015.

4th September Cabinet Report

View the documents

    Local Plan Review Options Consultation (January 2014)

    Maps can be found on the Local Plan Review Maps page

    Local Plan Review Options Consultation summary (January 2014)

    Sustainability Appraisal options report (January 2014)        Appendix 1        Appendix 2

Representations received can be viewed here

The Council received 1201 responses to the Local Plan Options consultation.

A list of all the representations can be viewed here. 

To view individual representations in pdf format please go to the representations page.

Please note that signed petitions were given separate representation numbers but will show as a combined response when searched, such as Rep 1046-1059 Residents of Silverton.

If you have any questions please contact the Forward Planning team on 01884 255 255.

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